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General Liability (GL)

Essential Coverages to meet your client demands.


  • Coverage against claims from bodily injury, property damage and personal injury

  • Coverage for products/completed operations

Standard from 


General Liability (GL) + Professional Liability (PL)

Protect your business against service errors

All Basic plan benefits and:

  • Professional negligence

  • Retroactive claims (previous contracted work)

  • Subcontractor errors

Pro from 


GL + PL + Workers Compensation*

Get protected against employment-related issues.

All Standard plan benefits and:

  • Coverage for work-related accidents and disease and subsequent:

    • Ongoing medical care (such as rehab)

    • Missed wages during recovery

*plus Workers Compensation


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Plumbers need insurance?

Companies in this industry work mainly in plumbing equipment installation and servicing. Plumbing contractors may offer parts and labor services, as well as new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs.
Plumbing contractors are highly demanded in both residential and commercial buildings. Residents or business owners rely on you to fix their plumbing problems so they can continue with their daily activities. Entering different locations daily opens the window to potential lawsuits, and insurance protects your assets during these times.

What common risks do Plumbers face?

Having no insurance in place puts you at risk for expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. Here is a look at the potential situations that can put you at risk.

  • Property Damage: You work with pipes in tight spots daily. One wrong move can cause a pipe to break and leak water, making you responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged customer property.

  • Auto Accidents: Plumbing contractors drive to job sites. If you cause an accident, you're responsible for damages, injuries, and can be sued. The same is true if one of your plumbers uses a personal vehicle to commute to job sites.

  • Employee Injury: Plumbers work with a variety of tools, and in some cases need to weld or solder pipes. If they hurt or burn themselves, you need to pay their medical expenses and wages for time off work.

  • Theft of Tools: Commercial plumbing contractors often spend days at one job site leaving tools overnight. If your tools are stolen, it is expensive to replace them.

  • Contractor Mistakes: Occasionally mistakes happen on the job. If the pipes, casings, or fittings you install rust over time causing water leaks, you can be held liable for the expensive damages.

Other potential risks include fire damage, unhappy customers refusing to pay for your services and employment-related claims like discrimination.

How much does Plumbers Insurance cost?

Every Plumber or Plumbing Contractor is different, which means costs vary depending on the carrier and plumbing services you offer. Insurance carriers review plumbing experience, time in business, claims history, and whether you provide strictly plumbing or additional services. If you are ready to get a quote today!